Kwikset’s New Kevo Smart Locks

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Customers continue to move in the direction of smart locks for their homes. We are seeing better integration with mobile phones that give residents more options. The Kevo from Kwikset also has options to restrict access to defined time periods. This is especially attractive for anyone who rents out an apartment or even for someone going away on vacation that has a neighbor stop by to feed the dog or cat.

The recent upgrades focus on the eKeys, which allow users to gain access via their smartphone application. There will now be free and unlimited guest eKeys, which will allow access for 24 hours and also an eKey that will allow the user to control and restrict the days and times during which the standard eKey is valid. Features like these could be especially important for landlords and hotels. This really seems to give owners a lot of additional flexibility in terms of controlling access. You could allow a neighbor access to the home for a day to watch the kids or even to simply check on everything while you are away. If there are people who normally come to the house at a certain time or day, like babysitters, cleaners, etc. This can now be easily accommodated through the scheduled eKeys. They can even be scheduled prior to sending the app to the guest, but they will need to have a smartphone in for this to work.